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Burke & Associates is known for its Credit Union business advisory services. not being a new comer to the market in the last few years, has ensured our clients have continued to recieve the best possible compliment of Credit Union Advice in the market today. Burke & Associates is one of the leading advisroy practices in the country on Credit Union matters.

Credit Unions working with Burke & Associates, have not struggled to keep up with regulatory change, nor have they struggled to achive regulatory compliance.  Of Course we are known for our professional audit services, but equally our practice has evolved over the last 18 years in delivering  accurate credit union consultancy .

We’re here to help

Burke & Associates is not new to the Irish Credit Union Sector; we have not arrived onto the market in the last few years with bells and whistles being experts in everything. We have developed our special skills and expertise over 18 years from dealing with the sector in the provision of various audit services both statutory and internal, by developing detailed strategic plans and risk assessments for credit unions, when there were few firms interested in Credit Unions or their issues.

If you are developing roles in your credit union for the areas of Risk, Compliance, Internal Audit, why not talk to us first, it costs nothing to “shop around” We are happy to meet members of the board or management for a discussion on how we can be of service. We may be able to save you money in the establishment of your new functions, or offer ways and assistance in the pooling of shared services with others in your area.


Our years of experiences and qualifications have enabled us to provide

Statutory Audits

Internal Audits

Credit Union  Strategic Plans

Credit Union Loan Portfolio or Loan Book Reviews

Budget & Forecasting Credit Union Business Plans

Monthly management accounts/ system set up

Credit Union  Risk Assessments

Ad-hoc compliance inspections for committees/supervisors

Policy Development

Accounting Advice

Credit Union Asset Reviews

Corporate Governance Reviews

Fraud Prevention Control Reviews


  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Fraud Detection & Prevention
  • Lending & Credit Control
  • Board Oversight Commitee

If you’d like to find out more about our services and how we can work with you call us on 091 782188 or  enquire online.


Burke & Associates  Credit Union Loan Book Review


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