Credit Union Transfer of Engagements

With the establishment of the “REBO”, many Credit Unions will be looking seriously at any and all options open to them as regards restructuring or not.

For many Credit Union’s restructuring must be considered simply because of corporate governance issues, for others it may be a financial one, other Credit Unions will believe that together they are stronger.

Making the right move at the right time can be the key to success and Burke & Associates Credit Union Advisory is well placed to assist you through the complex and often emotional process of merging with one or more Credit Unions.

We can support you and your team in  some or all o the following areas:

  • Ensuring that your Credit Union is “fit for transfer”.
  • Leading and managing the transaction to allow the Board and managements to continue to focus on the day to day business.
  • Collation of information and, if required, preparing an Information Memorandum.
  • Identification of possible Credit Union(s)
  • Identification of an appropriate acquirer Credit Union.
  • Negotiation of terms with Credit Unions.
  • Tax planning.
  • Due diligence, either undertaking due diligence in the case of a acquirer or managing the process.
  • liaising with the Central Bank on your behalf the REBO and or the Irish League of Credit Unions.
  • Liaising with your legal representatives in completing the transaction.


Due Diligence

Due diligence investigations are a necessary element of any business acquisition or funding engagement . A well delivered report provides the appropriate support information and ensures confidence in the merger or transfer process.

Burke & Associates Credit Union Advisory has an experienced and highly commercial due diligence team. Unlike many of our competitors, our team has significant experience in Credit Union due diligence engagements  We are therefore well qualified to provide a comprehensive, insightful and commercial credit union due diligence service.

Credit Union Business Planning

Efficient and effective business planning is key for all Credit Unions, allowing management to focus on the important issues both now and in the future. The Credit Union strategic plan is now another obligation on the Board of Directors of Credit Unions, this is a welcome development as it will focus the Board on strategic issues rather than operational concentrations.

Burke & Associates Credit Union Advisory can assist you in preparing a business plan, which will meet the ever increasing expectations of the Central Bank when assessing Credit Unions under PRISM

Prior to putting pen to paper, we will spend time in understanding your credit union business model, where the growth opportunities lie and where the issues are to be addressed.

With that knowledge, we will work with you in documenting your credit union  business plan and your future credit union strategic plans in a robust document. We will also assist, as required, in preparing financial projections, reflecting the financial impact of your plans both current scenarios and the financial impact of any changed credit union strategy


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