Internal Audit

An assessment of internal controls should be undertaken by an organisations management on a regular basis to ensure that everything is operating as it should. In times of austerity and cost cutting, many organisations may loose sight of the control environment in which they operate, and begin to cut corners. An independent internal control assessment can often assist in identifying where, and where not to cut corners. It is important to constantly monitor systems of control to ensure the organisation is not being taken advantage of by anyone involved.

We can help you by checking that

  1. Policies and Procedures are still being followed the way they were originally designed
  2. That there remains appropriate segregation of duties between staff
  3. Stock and organisation property is accounted for, that cash and other such items  are where they are supposed to be
  4. We can assist you in providing training to staff in matters such as internal reporting, confidentiality & data protection
  5. Transactions which have been undertaken, have been undertaken to the benefit of the organisation

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